Dec 4, 2007

Open Ear's

When the people speak, Spork listens. From now on, all insightfull, life changing, mind altering "Would you rather" results will be posted after the poll closes. This will allow you to express the "why" behind your vote for the "Would you rather" survey that, no doubt, consumes your thoughts. So, our last entry was:

Would you rather play professional:
Chess: 2 (10%)
Badminton: 3 (25%)
Rock, Paper, Scissors: 7 (58%)

Now, simply click on comments below and share your "why" behind the vote. My example:
I voted for Rock, Paper, Scissors because it's both a mental and physical challenge that can also be used for major decisions (See the Bush Administration).

Take the Spork challenge!
As you leave your comments, submit your own "Would you rather" question for a chance to win a photo of you and Spork posted with your question in January. Deadline for all entry's will be December 31. Good luck to all Sporkers!

Of course you are all here for the Ecua photos so, shots from body boarding Sunday:

Nov 28, 2007

Banos: An Adventure Orgasim

I'm still breathing heavy and my body is a flutter. Biking, hiking, a cable car ride across a canyon, suspension bridges, canyoning and yes, bungee jumping. We have found an adventurers playground! This was the best weekend I've had with Danielle since being in Ecuador. The pictures tell much more so let's get to it:

This is when I wet my shorts.

A mothers saying: "Just because your friend jumps off a bridge, should you?" My answer: "HEK YAH!" This is Mark making the big jump. Go Mark!

Ecuador security offered by our canyoning guides. Fortunately we only had to use it once for a guy who hit his head on the rocks. Ended his headache quickly. (Not true)

One of the many surrounding volcano's blowing off steam.
These little pigs weren't the fastest of the bunch.
Living the good life.

Nov 26, 2007

Birthday Dinner

Last Wednesday (my birthday), D and I had the privilege of being invited to the U.S. Consulates home for Thanksgiving dinner along with some other teachers and the Peace Corp. Once we got past security, we enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving feast, service by those dressed in penguin suits, story's of service work in Ecuador and an impromptu piano concert. The host even brought out a candle and the group sang Happy Birthday for me in 4 different languages. Which 4, I don't know! The family of the U.S. Consulate are wonderful people and it made for a very memorable Birthday. I'll be honest, I couldn't help but take a keepsake. I safely tucked it where the sun don't shine and ran like a man runs from seeing Larry Craig's hand waving under his bathroom stall. Check it out:

Nov 19, 2007

30 in Ecuador

I'm excited to be experiencing my 30th birthday in Ecuador. I may not have drinkable tap water, hot water, decent cheese, sweet singletrack trails, consistant electricity, a job (no complaints) or friends and family here to help celebrate, but I am experiencing something I never thought I'd be doing in my previous 29 years. I wouldn't give it up for any missed luxury's. Each day I wake up to a wonderful wife, palm trees, iguanas, multi colored birds and a new culture to be explored. Everyday there is a real possibility I may see something I have never seen before. Living the good life. I have no doubt this experience will change how I live my next 30 years. Cheers!

Nov 11, 2007


Yes, those are my feet and hands on the white board below. It's Turkey Day's in Art class! How appropriate, I've got the turkey's making turkey's. We are responsible for making 200 place mats for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the school. The new teacher that I am, did not plan for the extra time needed to cut out 6 fingered hands, removal of shoes/ socks (the turkeys were just supposed to trace around their shoes) and lecturing on the danger's of running with scissors. Needless to say, the seniors will now be taking part of this project. I'm sure that will have it's own hurdles.

This is what I'm typically looking at while Tutoring. Where's the student? Your guess is as good as mine. It's much safer to stay in my seat. If I chase him down, I risk loosing my voice and spraining an ankle.
Pizza Hut and Domino's delivery fleet

Nov 4, 2007


Montanita: Surf Town, Ecuador. One great weekend! Body boarding, relaxing, good food, friends and a citizen's arrest. Drunk driver driving through town was stopped by the locals, pulled out of his car, shirt torn off, a little verbal harassment and his car confiscated. It's a shame we don't see more of this back home. Surf's up dude!

Oct 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

What's worse than 21 1st graders in art class? 21 1st graders with mask's on so you can't tell who they are!

Oct 28, 2007

A Working Man

My first week of teaching is in the books. I've experienced everything from Pre-Kindergarten kids greeting me with hugs to Seniors trying to convince me Art is a class to study for upcoming tests. Let's just say Pre-K got what they wanted. I've enjoyed every minute. Good news is there has still been time for adventures so let's get straight to the photos:

The Puma's fear this group!

"Here kitty-kitty-kitty"

Wild Monkey (no, this is not me in the tree)
If this is an Ant Eater, I need to capture one and release it in our home.

Welcome to the Bahia (Black Market). Everything you could ever want can be found in these narrow hallways and price is always negotiable. Also, if you ever have something stolen from you while at the Bahia, simply go around the corner and you'll probably find your stuff for sale.

DVDs for $0.70. Many movies are so current they are still in the theater.

Don't ask where these came from
Art teacher and Language Arts Teacher in Love