Mar 25, 2008

Quito, Ecuador- Day 4

Day 4 in Quito:

On our last day we went to the Oswaldo Guayasamin Museum, Ecuador's most famous artist. In addition to his own art, he collected pre-Colombian pottery and various crucifixes.

"Although considered an expressionist, the humanitarian in Osvaldo Guayasamin is said to be the biggest reoccurring theme in his work. His work is said to reflect some of the pain and misery that humanity has had to endure. In this regard, nearly all of his work denounces all the violence and genocide that Oswaldo Guayasamin is said to have born witness to during his life-time."

Why the daily photo of us? Just proving to family that we are still alive and well.

Mar 24, 2008

Quito, Ecuador- Day 3

Day 3 in Quito:
San Francisco
Plaza San Francisco

Plaza de la Indepencia

This is the view from Cafe Mosaico looking over Old Town, Quito and La Basilica.
La Basilica

D on her way out to climb the tower.
One of the old rickety stairways up the tower. Many of these rails were cracked, broken and/or rusted through.

The Virgin that looks over and protects the city

Mar 23, 2008

Quito, Ecuador- Day 2

Day 2 in Quito:
Our first event of the day was the Teleferiqo which took us up into the mountains high above Quito.  We enjoyed great views of the city, surrounding villages and a hike at nearly 13,000 feet.
D overwhelmed with joy after surviving the gondola ride.  Me, the lucky guy.

Parque La Carolina: One of Quito's largest parks specifically designed for physical sports.  Paved bike path, bicycle jump park, separate walking/jogging path, multiple futbol fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, outdoor exercise equipment, botanical garden and of course an outdoor food court.  The land space committed and multiple uses of this park certainly rivals the city parks I've seen in the U.S.   

Mar 22, 2008

Quito, Ecuador- Day 1

With spring break coming up, D and I were both looking for cool weather, new adventures and a few extra luxuries such as great restaurants, coffee shops, English book titles and travel by plane.  After ruling out the U.S. and Europe (due to me bumming around and only working a couple hours a day), we packed our jackets, camera's and jumped on a plane to Quito, the capitol of Ecuador.  Great times were had and as you'll see over the next four daily posts, Quito is a wonderful city:
Of course the first stop in Quito is the Magic Bean for excellent breakfast and coffee.
This one is for you bikers: See any problems?
The people of Ecuador and their children have been the most influential of our overseas experience.  They are wonderful people.
A card game among artist vendors in the park.
Beautiful churches throughout the city.
Colonial architecture.
View from our hostel room.
D reading cards from around world.
Living the good life.
Cold weather, coffee and a live band.  A great first day in Quito.

Mar 12, 2008


It seems we have a few of you that are looking for a little more than Ecua adventures here at Spork.  Apparently, titles such as Peep Show, Panties in a Bunch, Boobies, Stumped Pisser and Adventure Orgasim has attracted some individuals seeking a little T&A (Toes & Arms).  The map finder on the right hand side has tipped Spork towards what topic people are searching for.  Now, don't worry, it doesn't tell us specifically WHO you are (Eric, Jerms) but to you mystery people (Evan), Spork apologizes for your disapointment upon arrival.  Spork strives to be a family website (mainly because Grandma is computer savy).  That said, we can not ensure that there will not be any mis leading titles in the future.  So, for your inconvienence and to send you off with a positive experience, Spork will leave you with this teaser:
(Obviously, I do not work a 40hr week!)

Mar 6, 2008

SpyCam- Forest Park

Another Wednesday afternoon adventure lead me to the Civic Center and Forest Park:

No, this guy isn't overly thirsty. He is an "Ecua-Pop Machine". 10 cents will get you a shot of Cola. Also, check out this bus. You can see through the rear window that it is full with people. If that didn't tip you, maybe the guy hanging out the side will. This picture is taken just after I got off the bus. I didn't get a seat but fortunately I didn't have exit through the window, Danielle style.

Typical walkway past store fronts. Under the umbrella, this guy is patching some pants, my pants. Fortunately you can not see the pant-less gringo behind the camera.