Dec 5, 2009

Banos, Ecuador 2009

Banos, Ecuador: Round 5. Thanksgiving 2009. Check it out:

A bridge, rope, small ledge.................. bungee jump!
There are no pictures to show of me in action due to the photographers looking to see if I was alive instead of actually taking pictures. Seriously, I jumped!
The bike posse rides again

Wind, high elevation with drop off, parachute with many little strings attached to a seat, bright colored flight suites............. paragliding. Here we are, psyched to fly
Jeremy in action
Danielle practicing her take off
Danielle taking the big plunge
Danielle was able to fly over the valley for 20 minutes with the volcano in the background
This is me taking the last flight of the evening. The winds had died down so we had to land in a freshly plowed field down in the valley. Power lines, cattle and little kids trying to catch us were only a few of the hazards
Next up...... canyoning
Here I am repelling down the last waterfall of the day. We navigated 4 water falls which included cliff jumping, a zip line, natural slides and repelling
Ray working the zip line
Living the good life, pre-flight.