Mar 28, 2009


Last weekend D and I headed out to the coast for a Reading Marathon at Alandaluz, an Eco resort on the beach.  We spent the day's testing various hammocks, reading, eating locally grown, organic food, taking walks on the beach and spotting Nun's.  Check it out:
If you zoom in on the above photo, you too can spot a couple Nun's.  Don't give up, they're very short.

Living the good life

Mar 19, 2009

Big Titty......

......Coffee, an imported luxury.  Check it out:
There's no better way to start the day than with an overflowing cup of Big Titty Coffee and the daily news.

Mar 10, 2009

Bird Down!

The other morning while eating breakfast, there was a big "thud" at the window which resulted with me in the fetal position, holding my bowl of cereal.  Check it out:
Let this be a lesson to all other birds in the hood to not mess with me and my corn flakes!