Sep 24, 2007


Nearly everyone in our gated community has a maid and it is common for them to live with the family. This is the case at the Richert Ranch. The only difference is that our maid is male. That being said, I have growing suspicions that D has been fooling around with our maid. Yes, I admit, he is somewhat handsome and a great harmonica player but the guy never puts in a full days work. Why would D keep a maid around 7 days a week when he only puts in 2 hours worth of work? Obviously, something fishy is up. Here's what I caught on camera:
Looks like work is being done......
but I caught him looking up bike porn on my computer
This guy takes as many breaks as I do when cleaning. Those sure are sexy legs though.
What do you think about my growing suspicion? Need more proof?

Sep 21, 2007


Yesterday's adventure led to the local bike track which looks to be apart of a sports training facility for our national teams. Access was granted by security after I repeated "Velodromo" multiple times while smiling real big and pointing to my map. Next thing I knew, I was walking with the Jr. International Soccer team and watching a cycling team train at the Velodromo.

Sep 19, 2007

Commitment Issues

I've got a good routine going: Ride with D to work, check email, read news, study Spanish, go on daily adventures, mountain bike - swim - and/or play soccer, tutor (job), ride home with D, play with friends who work from 9-5. Repeat. It is also my duty to share these adventures with you via Spork. The last thing you or I want is for something to get in the way of the emotional bonding Spork has allowed us. Why would we want to change this in the name of "Work"? Well, "Work" is knocking on the door, I'm peeking through the blinds and we're just staring at each other waiting for the other to make the first move. Some of you may find this funny but every school teacher I know has these same commitment issues come about August. Problem: That annoying companion, "Work", just kept knocking and I couldn't shake him. I have accepted a long term sub position for the Art teacher who is pregnant (7 weeks starting Oct. 15). Trust me, it was very hard to make this choice knowing it could jeopardize our commitment to each other through Spork. I promise there will still be adventures (I am working with Pre K - 12th grade) and we will work through this together. First thing to arrange for Art class: Nudes.

Zaruma: Series 3 of 3

Patience my friends. Did you really think you would get all 3 series in 3 days? Lesson #3: Electricity, water and plumbing are never guaranteed in Ecuador. It's good to be back. I missed you too.

Breakfast. Just add milk
Bird sanctuary

The only bird I saw. Good thing I'm fast with the camera
I appreciated the smile for this photo. Very photogenic
Can you tell which one is bullheaded?

One Jackass looking at another

Sep 16, 2007

Zaruma: Series 2 of 3

Day 2:

Very common outdoor patio/utility area
View's from Hotel room and roof top

Breakfast made from scratch......and rock
Beautiful Catholic Church
City center outside the church
Oh yeah, I was supposed to be watching after these kids. I just gave them a hard hat and told them to be in bed by 10. There was gold to be found.
Me with a pocket full of gold

Sep 15, 2007

Zaruma: Series 1 of 3

Need to know: For some unknown reason, someone at InterAmerican Academy thought I was responsible enough to be a chaperon for 15 10th graders to Zaruma on a 4 day trip. Of course I said, "Absolutely" and took the opportunity to explore somewhere new. Zaruma is an old mining (Gold) town founded in 1549 (yeah, that's old). The city is pasted to a mountain side in the Andes Mountains with concrete. Located in Southern Ecuador at an elevation of 1,200 meters (you figure it out), Zaruma is filled with history and culture, the people are very friendly and the view es hermoso (is beautiful). Due to what some may call A.D.D. (I prefer M.I.S.E: Multiple Interests, Self Entertained), you get 3 series of photos over 3 days. Day 1:

Rush hour while leaving Guayaquil

Banana plantation
Bike shop
Milk man
Don't mess with Ecuador.......or get caught taking photos of it's military. Apparently, Captain Ecuador didn't think he was a tourist attraction. Good thing our bus was faster than his tank.
Petrified forest caused by volcano
Reminded me of home
City street outside of Hostel
Futbol game. InterAmerican Academy kids vs. the locals
Pretty sure you are not to mix water and electricity

Sep 10, 2007


Sunday's adventure was a bus ride to the beach. Not knowing what to expect, which bus to catch, where we would get dropped off or how to get home, here is what we saw:

I think someone better get him another drink. I'll let YOU ask him if it is OK to drink on the bus. Needless to say, every bus stop was a bathroom stop.

Town center in Playas.

The two guys out at sea were on what looked like a handmade raft made of bamboo poles.

Winter in Ecuador is harsh.
Little D out at sea. Poetic, I know.

Last nigh the Catholic Church put on a community festival. Apparently, security with shot gun is needed to protect the adult bevy's.

Sep 8, 2007

Send the Chauffeur

Below is the life of an Ecuadorian Chauffeur. Monday through Friday: Drive child who has never heard the word "no" to school. Wait outside with other chauffeurs until the child has completed a valuable education for the day. Drive the child home or wait some more while the child says, "My stupid Chauffeur forgot I told him I was going to Gabby's. Stupid Chauffeur." Good thing for the kids, they can get a ride with Gabby's Chauffeur. Well, my Chauffeur is waiting for me and I wasn't invited to Gabby's.

A little book reading to pass the time.

My Chauffeur is better looking than your Chauffeur

Sep 6, 2007

Panties In A Bunch

Simmer down now! I know your panties are all wound up just like my thongs are over no new posts but fact is, I've been a working man. I've been earning pennies (literally) for the last 3 days as a substitute and it's starting to get in the way of my daily adventures. That's not to say being the only one working with a class full of Kindergartners isn't an adventure. Let's be honest with each other, the focus of Kindergarten is not to make sure these kids go home highly educated after a day at "school." It's simply to give the parents, or nannies in most cases, a break from what I can only describe as the equivalent to what happens within your vacuum while it's running. Things flying everywhere, high pitched sounds and mass chaos. Another truth: these are my people! We understand each other, appreciate short attention spans and like to expend energy. Here is what my last 3 days have been filled with:

Kindergarten in Art Class. Fun kids.

What part of "Stay seated" is hard to understand? Of course I had control.

5th graders and I taking a break to sing. The break was mainly for me.

Catholic school just getting out for the day. This is a scene nearly all over Guayaquil around 2:15.

My first dollar made in a soccer game. A soccer game isn't played without $ on the line. Safer games are played for $.25 or less. Anything above that, these guys will kill for a win. Yesterday, our team won 3 games at $.50 each. I wasn't about to ask where the other $.50 was.