Jan 27, 2008

Fire and Rain

Yes, there has been a lack of funny at Spork.  Sorry to say, this entry will be no different.  I have been forced to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  This is not what I agreed to when moving to Ecuador.  All of my witty responses have been used up on students questions like: "Why do we have to work on art in art class?" "Can I study for my science test?" "Can I draw a pack of cigarettes?"  Good news:  As of this Friday, I will be unemployed again.  I will be more focused on providing you with the best Ecuadorian entertainment possible.  Within reason, Grandma is tech savy.  I know most of you are surfing the internet while "working" so Spork hopes to bring you a little warm fuzzy during the work day.  We'll be laughing next week.
New mural in the works downtown.
This was the seen in our community a couple days before we left for Christmas.  An open lot caught fire and you can see one of the firemen in this photo.
Little D ready for the rain.  It rains everyday now that we are in the rainy season.

Jan 14, 2008

Ahoy Captain

The pirate speaks, "Ahoy! everyone. I have excitin' news.....I have accepted an offer t' be t' full time Elementary P.E. and Technology Teacher next year. " The pirate speaks agin, "For those o' you askin', "How did that happen?", I have no good anser fer you. Pirate luck me guess. Instead o' bicyclin', swimmin' and playin' futbol by me self t' pass t' day, I now have many little helpers t' make up teams and compete against. " The pirate speaks agin,"I'm hopin' me size will give me an advantage over thier energy. Danielle be hopin' they zap me energy! As for t' Technology side, I don't think thar be anythin' an Xbox or Play Station can't teach them. Why t' pirate talk? See below: "

Ever hear of the Eiffel Tower? Well, Mr. Gustave Eiffel also spent some time in Guayaquil and designed this lesser know building, Mercado Sur Guayaquil. It is made of mostly glass and features many of the same iron charactoristics as the Eiffel Tower.

That ther is NOT swimming water.
Pirate Lovin

Jan 7, 2008

Friends and Family

D and I had a great time visiting friends and family over the holidays. Most of the time was spent eating, talking and couch lounging but we did manage to get out for a couple adventures. We are now back to Guayaquil and instantly in the rainy season with a high humidity. In Ecuador, if your not sweating, you're not having a good time!

After spending time in a 3rd world country and then stepping into Hollywood, it was a freeing reminder that latest fashion, the newest cars and large homes are not necessities of survival or happiness. That's me holding up T-Mac.

Miller Time and I working out the details for my first solo Harmonica album. Be looking for it's national release in summer 2010.Imagine me jamming with my Harmonica while break dancing.