Nov 15, 2009

Cabin Fever

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to Leo and Andrea's cabin near Cuenca, and we had an excellent time. Check it out:
It doesn't get any better then this! The cabin is a hand built, stone home with 4 bedrooms, on 15 acres in the Andes Mtns with a garden, river and trails. Dreamy!
The cabin is only 6 k away from Cajas National Park.
D pulling a rock star move on top of this slide in Cuenca
Good times with friends- Andrea, Jeremy, Eddie and Rocky (the dogs).

Cold weather, a fire and s'mores
After crossing the river, Jeremy and I found a trail that took us along the hill side to this vantage point:

D spending the afternoon at the river
After our hike, we came back to the house and gardened with a local family who came over to help us out.
It was an amazing trip, full of great adventures and friends. Thanks again Andrea and Leo.

Nov 7, 2009

Mindo, Ecuador

Mindo, another adventure playground in the cloud forests of Ecuador. Our good friend, Jeremy (also known as Golden Wolf- long story that includes a hat with wolves embroidered in gold and late night howling), joined us on the trip, which was full of hiking, zip-lines, butterfly gardens, bird watching, riding on top of chivas, in the back of trucks, eating and reading. Check it out:

Yes, that's D in the restaurant of our hotel, doing what she does best, reading.
The hammock and view from our balcony made it hard to even leave the hostal
I'll take any friend I can get
One thing I love about Ecuador is all the cable cars. They never get old. We took this cable car across the canyon to get to the trails and waterfalls. No release forms needed and you had the choice to stand on the ledge outside of the cart. D nixed that idea.
We were lucky enough to have the trail and waterfall to ourselves.
Now, that's a fun crew!
The next day, Jeremy and I did the zip-lines, which was 13 lines zig-zagging across multiple hill sides. The views were beautiful as we floated over the tree canopy.
Legs up, head back and press down on the cable with leather glove to stop. Only one of the guys in our group wasn't able to stop in time and ran into the tree. It was padded.
After the zip-lines, we dragged D away from her book and went to the butterfly garden.

Living the good life!