Dec 4, 2007

Open Ear's

When the people speak, Spork listens. From now on, all insightfull, life changing, mind altering "Would you rather" results will be posted after the poll closes. This will allow you to express the "why" behind your vote for the "Would you rather" survey that, no doubt, consumes your thoughts. So, our last entry was:

Would you rather play professional:
Chess: 2 (10%)
Badminton: 3 (25%)
Rock, Paper, Scissors: 7 (58%)

Now, simply click on comments below and share your "why" behind the vote. My example:
I voted for Rock, Paper, Scissors because it's both a mental and physical challenge that can also be used for major decisions (See the Bush Administration).

Take the Spork challenge!
As you leave your comments, submit your own "Would you rather" question for a chance to win a photo of you and Spork posted with your question in January. Deadline for all entry's will be December 31. Good luck to all Sporkers!

Of course you are all here for the Ecua photos so, shots from body boarding Sunday: