Aug 4, 2008

The Devils Nose

After Banos we headed to Alausi for a roof top train ride to the Devils Nose.  It was a perfect morning for this fun adventure.  Check it out:

Aug 2, 2008

Parque Cajas, Riobamba, Banos

After Quito and Otavalo, we made our way to Cuenca, Riobamba and Banos:
This fine cyclist brought flowers to the flower market in Cuenca to sell.
Read the sign.

Some excellent bus entertainment by a blind guy playing his guitar with a comb.  Seriously!
On our bus ride from Cuenca to Riobamba, this was the drivers view of our washed out road.
As if a washed out road wasn't exciting enough, later down the road in the high mountains, there was a landslide completely covering the road.  This left us with 2 options.  Wait for the tractors to clear it out or drive over it and keep schedule.  Of course the bus driver chose the second option and with the help of a few spotters, we survived.  Below is a picture from the bus window looking down:
Yes, my buns were puckered!
Riobamba, the arm pit of Ecuador.  We arrived at 3 in the afternoon, walked the city for an hour and then made sure we had bus tickets out of town the next morning.
So, off to Banos we went.  The best outdoor playground in Ecuador.  We jumped on top of a Chiva Bus and toured the waterfalls, rivers and mountains.  

Another great thing about Ecuador: Every car going by can potentially be a taxi.  We completed our hike to the waterfall (above) before the rest of the group and were eager to get some dinner.  So, we simply walked out the highway and whistled at the first truck we saw.  One windy, rainy and 3 tunnel ride later, we were back in town. 

Aug 1, 2008

Ecua Travels With Mom

My Mom was our latest visitor and we had a great time touring the mountain cities of Ecuador.  Without failure, there were many Ecua-adventures and new sights.  Check it out:
Just about everything is for sale at the Saturday Market in Otavalo including kidy pools and even a blow up mattress.
Jr digging for gold.

Another traditional D & D photo.  I'm becoming more and more Ecua everyday!
There are houndreds of churches all over Ecuador but this is one of my favorits due to the setting.
One of Ecuadors many volcanos with a beautiful farming valley below.
Mom, thanks again for a wonderful trip full of laughter, adventures and memories.  We have many more photos to come over the next few days so keep checking us out.