May 29, 2008

City Goats?

Below are a few spotting's around Guayaquil over the last couple weeks. Check it out:Sammy the Goat playing tug-of-war with an unwilling poor sport. One of Ecuador's many handymen. This guy created a homemade cab extension for his truck. Look at all the new leg room with seat recline.
I followed this guy and received a fresh chicken sandwich.

Motorcycles are often the "family car" in Ecuador. This family of 3 is zipping down the main road pictured below. Only the bread winner of the family is entitled to a helmet. Jr. certainly has the best seat.

These are school kids in PE class. The school is located in part of this building without any type of playground or recreation area. There were some very creative games being played.
A few of us guys from the school attended another futbol game. Security has been increased due to a spectator death last year. You can see we chose the "family friendly" section below.
The section with all the flags is what we would call the rowdy section. There is no security checks to get in on that side. Anything goes!

May 22, 2008

Missing My Buddy

My nephew: Graduation night.  Being that I missed the event, I've created the nights events and interaction in my mind.  I feel like I was there.  Check it out:
"Hi Mommy!  I know, I should have colored in my letter like the other kids, but I was distracted by Red Bow Girl.  Isn't she cute?  I had to leg wrestle "R" and "N" to get this spot next to her."
Speaking to Red Bow Girl: "Well hello.  Want to see my six pack?  Go ahead, give it a rub."
This might be a little tougher than I thought.
No, wait a minute, she's looking at me.  I've got her now!  Now's the perfect time for the move Dad taught me..................
"Dad, it's working!  She's smiling at me!"
"Oh boy!"
"Did you know I'm also a musician?"  
"I'll bet your last boyfriend couldn't do this."
"Step back boys, Red Bow Girl is mine."

May 13, 2008

Guayaquil: Random Shots

Where is that Gringo now?
In most of Ecuador, this truck is called a limo.
This guy was on to me and my spy cam as I tried to take some shots of the Catholic School kids crossing the street.
Recycling program for water containers.
One of the many beautiful churches in Guayaquil.

May 4, 2008

Creepy Crawler's

Friday D and I spent the day on a 5 hr guided hike through Cerro Blanco.  You may remember we had been to the park before but this was our first trip during the rainy season.  The park was green and full of life.  Check it out:

This was our first tarantula sighting in Ecuador.
This was our second.  Why so blurry?  Well, just before I could take the picture, our guide was quick to point out that this tarantula has the ability to shoot out small barbs as a defense.  If hit, you'll experience "complications" with your heart and lungs.  So, needless to say, my hand wasn't as steady while shooting.  I took the photo.  We moved on.  Everybody lived.

Raspberry Mushrooms