Aug 22, 2009

A Morning Out

We were on the trail by 7am
These next few photos were taken from the taxi while on our way to the Bahia (Black Market). This guy was taking advantage of "backrow seating" and probably feeling a little thirsty.

Danielle is having a hard time choosing which pirated DVD to buy. It can be tough decision due to the "organization" of this DVD shop. After a little hunting, we found the Seinfeld at the bottom of the pile on the floor. No problem, I picked up the stack while D swiped the series. One of the reasons that we choose this DVD shop is because they have a great return policy. Yes, you heard that right. An illegal, pirated DVD shop with a return policy. If you don't like it, return the DVD and get a new one. All this for only $1 per disc.
Obviously, we don't have a problem with the ethics of buying pirated goods.

Aug 9, 2009

Back At It

Welcome back to SPORK my amigo's! It's been a great summer and a much needed break with family, friends and all things American. We enjoyed every minute we were able to spend with all of you. We are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends.

Today was our first day back in Guayaquil and I was quickly reminded what I was missing. Before I continue, I first need to remind you why I was most looking forward to coming back to Ecuador. Many of you asked this question and my response was always, "the daily adventure's." I knew this was the answer, but, when I thought about it, I couldn't really say WHAT the daily adventures were.......until today.

We get to our apartment at midnight and find that there is no running water. Not ideal for going to the bathroom, showering, cooking and washing dishes, but not all that big of an Ecuatrocity. How does it get fixed? My friend Paul comes over with a drill, axe, hammer and a desire to destroy things, which is great. We first needed to break into the locked, steel door to the outside room with the water pump. After drilling into the lock and punching it out with the hammer, we're in. At the time, this seemed perfectly normal until I was thinking about it after we had broken in and repaired the water pump. This wasn't normal by any other standards. The thought of calling a locksmith never was an option. Why would we do that when we had the tools to break in for free? After being back for less than 12 hours, this is the first example of "daily adventures" and it feels great to be back.