Apr 14, 2009

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Last weekend we spent our spring break in the mountains of Vilcabamba.  Life in this little city is very laid back and relaxing.  We spent our days hiking, horseback riding, reading, eating, chatting with other tourists, playing cards and laughing.  This city quickly moved into the favorites of Ecuador as the locals and scenery were wonderful.  Check it out:  

One of our morning activities was a 4 hr horse ride into the steep mountains and up to a waterfall.  Once our guides found out we were from Idaho, they called us the Banditos and expected us to be naturals on our horses.  Naturals we were not, especially on the ridge line with drop off's on both sides, but as we grew more comfortable, we were leading the group of running horses down the country roads on the way back.  To be honest, this was due to the fact that our horses took our frightened death grip of the reins and our tense legs wrapped around their belly's to mean we were ready to hold on for a wild ride.  Yep, I was puckered up.  Yee-ha! 

Every afternoon we sat on our veranda reading, laughing and enjoying the view.
Good Friday activities in the main square.

Apr 1, 2009

Gator Eatin'

After a month of searching for the alligator that snatched Christian's camera and pinkie finger, the alligator was caught and the photos have been recovered.  It was too late for the pinkie.  Check it out:

If you look closely at this alligator soup, you'll find some tail, an eye and if you squint hard enough, Christian's pinkie.  Tasty.
SSSSSSSSSSSSScary!  You can tell this guy had recently eaten..........maybe Gator Soup?