Aug 31, 2007

Aug 29, 2007

Pool Boy

Below is a photo of my new Ecuadorian friend, Jackson. He speaks a little English, I speak very little Spanish, somehow we have 20-30 minute conversations about 4 times a week. Topics of discussion: my daily adventures, his many talents and how to properly pronounce beach vs. another word starting with b that includes the letters hcit (there is a large number of grandmas reading Spork). This is very important if Jackson was to ever say to his wife, "I like the beach." Jackson was the national swimming champion (this makes me feel better as I flop around in the pool), currently practices the trumpet while on lifeguard duty (nice music to drown to), teaches acting at a local university, is the lead actor in a play called "A Streetcar Named Desire," and is a main character on 2 different TV soap opera's. When I took this photo, Jackson was concerned about his hair and the fact that he didn't have makeup on. I just took the photo.
This is how tough guys carry wood. The guy in the white is NOT a tough guy.
There are drink vender's at nearly every corner. Nobody goes thirsty in this city.

Aug 28, 2007


We've been Sporked by all but 7 of you so listen up. Spork is an interactive site. You are to log on, read, view photos, laugh, cry, post comments and most importantly, vote. You have the power here to make a difference and jump start some deep thoughts. So, be sure to place your vote for this months "Would you rather.." and then post a comment on what you read or saw. If everyone will give a little love to Spork, everyone goes away with a warm fuzzy.

Aug 27, 2007

Employed by Mr. China Man

So, this morning I had an interview with Mr. China Man to be a tutor for his 2nd grade child, Hee Un. Amazingly, I'm now employed. It feels great to once again join the working world. I will be working Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Hee Un from 2:30 - 3:30. Yes, this has dramatically altered my daily schedule but I think I can bump swimming to 3:45. More importantly and a slightly larger problem, the child does not yet speak English. Fortunately for him, I do.

Aug 26, 2007

City Map

Finding a map of Guayaquil is like trying to find help at Home Depot. Nearly non existent. That being said, for someone who has a few hours in the day and some local connections (don't ask), I found the golden treasure. With my map in hand and pocket full of quarters, here is where my bus adventures led on Thursday:

A truck with second row seating in Ecuador.

Every bus has a driver and the "Utility Person". This photo is of the UP. He collects the $.25 and helps people on the bus because a bus stop doesn't mean the bus actually stops (wear running shoes).

That would be a knife on Captain Camo

Aug 22, 2007

It Happened

What happened? I was called in to work! Substitute teach fifth graders. It took a few seconds for the word "work" to register in my mind but once it did, I accepted the task. I figured a day off from biking and swimming would do my sore muscles good. This is where I have to be honest with you: I only had to sub for a half day (12:30-2:15). I taught lessons on decimal points and how to use a compass. The kids were a lot of fun and I had a great time. I'm sure many of you are cringing at the thought of me in "control" of a classroom full of fifth graders but I must say, I think those kids went home a little smarter today.

Aug 21, 2007

It's The Fall Season

Fall in Ecuador is simply the dry season with very little humidity. Mid 70's and sunny nearly every day. As part of my responsibility to show you the beauty of Ecuador, today I went mountain biking and here is what I saw:

You can't see me in this photo because I'm behind the leaves.
Our neighborhood is at the center of this photo. Seriously, ours is tan.

Mid bike trip snack, if I only new what they were.

When I say I went mountain biking today, yes, that is everything I've done so far. Well, that and a siesta so I will be rested for swimming this afternoon. Living the Good Life.

Aug 19, 2007

Peep Show

Here's how it works. Me and this camera take day trips exploring all corners of Ecuador. You log on to SPORK weekly for a "Peep Show" of what I've been up to. If you're expecting spectacular photo's, go to your local art gallery. This camera specializes in raw photos. It is the SPORK of camera's. No view screen, zoom, flash, or prettiness. Simply efficient. Here's what I've been up to.

Who let the gringo play soccer?
First clown spotting while waiting for the bus.
Typical random hole in the sidewalk. No warning cones needed. Simply pay attention and walk around it. Oh yeah, throw your trash in there.

Cutest biker in Ecuador

Aug 18, 2007

Bike Adventures

Outside of our gated community I have found some service roads in the hills across the street. After dodging past semi trucks carrying hundreds of 10 gallon propane tanks, security guards and locals with machete's, it's fairly safe with great views.

Dave's new happy place

Shinny new adventure rig

If you squint, you can see our home. It's tan.

Aug 17, 2007


Let's be clear about three things. First, this blogs name: SPORK. A SPORK, spoon and fork all rolled in to one utensil, represents all things versatile. This equals less clutter in life and more efficiency in daily tasks. Some may say this is a representative of me. Second, when it says "I play", this does not mean I'm a dead-beat spouse! I spend my days looking for adventures to take Danielle on during our evenings, weekends, and vacations. Serving as a personal tour guide, knowledgeable consultant and fun husband. I think it is fair to consider this a full time job. Third, SPORK is simply a side dish to Living The Good Life. You will not find weekly updates, goodly writtin verbage, and sweetness at SPORK. You will only find sporadic thoughts and photos of various things in Ecuador. We hope you enjoy each post as we share our adventures in Ecuador through SPORK and Living The Good Life.