Mar 6, 2010

Carnival 2010: Vilcabamba

Yes, it's been another long stretch since the last SPORK post but I have a good excuse. Since mid December, we've been out of Guayaquil traveling for more than 7 weeks at various times. In February we had 2 weeks off for Carnival. As our time in Ecuador is quickly coming to an end, we treated this time as our last hurrah. The result was one of our best vacations as we toured the Andes Mountains and met up with the Jr. Richerts. I'll post the photos in 4 segments. Stop #1, Vilcabamba for 1 week of a little hammock living. Check it out:
This is where we spent 90% of our time. Simply sitting on our front patio, lounging in the hammocks, reading, playing cards and visiting with our neighbors. D finished 6 books! Seriously, there is nothing more I can write about. That is all we did for a week! Perfect.
The view from the hammock.

The other 10% of our time? After feeling a little guilty of just lounging for so long, we explored the local trail system in the National Reserve which started 4 blocks away from our Hostal.


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